Chair of Experimental Solid State Physics

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Low temperature laboratory

Dilution refrigerators (dry)
BlueFors SD250 (2019)
35mK system with 8T magnet, for RF filtered magneto transport and near-IR opto-electronics measurements.

Demagnetization refrigerators (dry)
Kiutra L-type rapid (2022)
100mK system with 5T magnet with ultra-fast loading mechanism, for RF filtered transport.

Variable temperature refrigerator (dry)
ICEOxford Lemon (2019)
1.5K system with 8T magnet with 360 rotation stage, for DC field direction controlled magneto transport.

Optoelectronics refrigerator (dry)
AttoCube AttoDry 800 (2017)
5K optical table integrated cryostat, with optical access and piezo positioners, for scanning confocal measurements with green pulsed laser and near-IR photo mixing setup, which allows time resolved measurements with ps resolution.




Lithography / Patterning
Raith e_Line (2008)
Electron beam lithography system with 50nm line width at 30kV.

LPKF ProtoLaser (2013)
Laser lithography with 1µm resolution at a wavelength of 375nm.

Heidelberg Instruments µMLA (not installed yet)
Photolithography system with 365nm LED and a digital mirror device for maskless high speed printing of sub-µm structures.

NILT CNI v2 (2019)
UV nano imprint and hot embossing tool.

BesTec UHV evaporator (2002)

Evaporation system equipped with a 6 pocket, 7cc e-beam evaporator and two thermal boats.
Von Ardenne LS 320 (1996)

Magnetron sputtering system with two DC and two RF sources for 2 inch targets.
Balzer’s evaporator (1990)

High vacuum chamber with 4 pocket, 7cc electron beam evaporator for experimental materials.

Oxford PlasmaLab 100 ICP-RIE (1997)
Directional etching of semiconductors and dielectrics with Fluorine based chemistry with nano-meter precision, 300W ICP and 300W RF power, 65mm ICP.

Diener PICO (2017)
Plasmacleaner with 100W RF generator for sample cleaning with Oxygen and Argon.

PVA TePla GigaEtch 100E (1997)
Microwave downstream plasma asher for high speed photoresist stripping in Oxygen and Argon plasma.

Bruker ICON AFM (2019)
Atomic force microscope for topographical measurements including nano-electrical measurements.

Zeiss DSM 982 SEM (1997)
Recently upgraded SEM for high resolution imaging and EDX (Oxford Aztec 2015).

Keyence VK-X3000 (2021)
Confocal laser scanning microscope for contactless, optical 3D profilometry.

Plasmos PC 2300 ellipsometer (1993)
Single wavelength laser ellipsometer (632nm) for measuring properties of thin optical films.

OceanOptics NanoCalc reflectometer (2015)
Reflectometry with white light exposure and UV-VIS spectrometer for thickness measurement of optical transparent films.

Krüss Drop Shape Analyzer (2017)
Contact angle measuring instrument with automated dispensing system and high resolution camera.

Back-end fabrication
UniTemp WB-200 wire bonder (2019)
Wire bonding in ball bonding mode with Gold wires.

Westbond 7476D-79 wire bonder (not installed yet)
Wire bonding in wedge bonding mode with Aluminum wires.

MEI 1204 W wire bonder (1994)
Wire bonding in wedge bonding mode with Gold wires.